Ghetto Gaggers Baby Momma Day

Published on May 18, 2023 by Abused Tube

This day was special, not only because it marked the arrival of another one produced from the Vaccinated Vandal’s breeding program, but also because a large amount of semen was emptied into her hood pussy. It won’t be long before she gives birth and can tell her child that he or she was born out of an encounter featured on Ghetto Gaggers. From what I’ve seen on black twitter, about one third of participants are making it to full term. This ghetto diamond took white manhood in every possible form—throat, ass, and pussy. The anal hook they used to restrain her left no room for movement save for moans of pleasure as her back arched and buttocks presented itself for fucking. When the load spilled out of her vaginal opening they fed her with the wonderfully creamy goodness that burst out from their members. Even though shame painted across her face, she ate all of it due to her slutty behavior.

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