Facial Abuse Bred And Spread

Published on June 1, 2023 by Abused Tube

I really like this girl; I find her to be really cool. Her clitoris is full and juicy, which I find especially attractive. Her vagina is just the type of pussy I enjoy most: one that looks ready to burst out of a bikini. The Vaccinated Vandal grabbed her by the pubic area and pounded away at it until he felt he had bred her like property. Then Bootleg discipled her with a spreader bar and some whips from the paddle. They double penetrated her and she thanked them for filling her mouth and stomach with yellow discipline. They eased off on her through some throat work. Her face received repeated fucking, causing her to erupt with a sickening smile. Bootleg sunk in the Figure-Eight leg lock, leaving her down long enough that she must have been breathing through the rod as if she were a soldier in Special Forces. All that cum ended up splattered on her pretty face and supercut hair dew. She devoured all that semen like it was souvlaki.

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