Puke Face

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Puke Face. The name says it all. She was a retard too. You know when someone is just so damn dumb you don't even bother trying to get dialogue out of her? Well that's what happened here. We just went right for the throat, stuffing our cocks in until she became, well, what we dubbed her. Then, like most dumb whores, she's screaming over the big cocks. I'm like, "Listen whore, they're cocks, not an arm." Take them and shut up. She sunk into the sofa and wept. When we were done with her we all nutted on her face. She sat there dumbfounded.


1023 days ago

sssooo soorry

1081 days ago

She lives down to her porn name. Think she'll be the next one of your whores to kill herself? lol

1107 days ago